I follow a holistic concept that considers cause and effect as the basis of today's actual conditions and subsequently optimises these. In doing so, the issue of sustainability forms the framework of my consultation activities. My comprehensive professional experience in large corporations as well as SMEs serves me in this respect.



Frequently, the communicative talent of a trainers is insufficient to train and motivate the participants sustainably. It is paramount that participants do not sense the trainer's personal matters, but rather feel comfortable and enjoy learning in the trainer's presence. These aspects will attest to the trainer's level of professionalism. These core competencies are reflected continually in my training participants.






My focus on trainings are:


- Concept development for trainings
- Personnel management
- Customer Orientation



Individual coaching for entrepreneurs, managers, eployees, and individuals with respect to professional and individual development.


At every one of my coaching sessions, I keep to my guiding motto: “Every path follows its purpose. I train my participants to make a conscious choice, which applies to both their private and professional lives. Life is meant to be treated as a whole entity, a life in which one takes responsibility for one's actions. My experiences have shown me that nature assists us in recognising and understanding ourselves. This is why I usually choose the Walk and Talk coaching option outdoors.


My focus on coachings are:

- The Urpersönlichkeit

- rhetorical and behavior training

- mental coaching

- instruction for self-reflection

- conflict management

- coaching for children

- communication with children and animals

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