Vocational Training:

Training as a business assistant in the Daimler Group (Mercedes-Benz location in Hamburg.

Additional Qualifications:

  • Marketing
  • English
  • Data processing

Professional Experience

Employed for 6 years by the Daimler Group, 2 of those years as an assistant and secretary for corporate management. Special tasks: administration of the "Technical Goodwill Budget".


April 2008 – End of July 2010 Employed at the Stümpges Consulting GmbH as a consultant and trainer.


Self-employed since August 2010 as a consultant, trainer, and coach.

Previous tasks


Consulting & Conception:

  • Assisted in the development of an awards program for a large petroleum company as well as creation of a training guide for the leaseholders and employees of the company
  • Project responsibility for the development of a globally uniform training portal a large petroleum company
  • Consulted BAB gas stations and dealer stations of the Total Germany GmbH (Crisis Management)
  • Support and consulting during contract negotiations with potential sales partners (focused on Asia)
  • In-house consulting of clients during the reorganization of the company as well as when establishing the "Assistant to the Corporate Management" position
  • Creation of potential analyses for marketing concepts in collaboration with the company Drehmoment – Agentur für Kreatives Marketing GmbH (customers: Car2Go, Mercedes Benz)



  • Establishment of sales structures
  • Analysis as well as revision and optimization of workflows and processes
  • Introduction to the team of organizational structures
  • Search for sales channels and sales partners for products based on nanotechnology
  • Preparation and execution of meetings with the management of the client as well as with potential sales partners
  • Creation of country potential analyses for the global development of sales structures



  • Performed the search for new leaseholders as well as recruitment of franchising partners and specialists/managers


Training Programs:

  • Creation of a concept for various employee training programs (including IT training, among others) for petroleum companies as well as a automobile companies
  • Creation of a Train-the-Trainer concept as well as a trainer guide for the ISIS rollout project between Wincor Nixdorf and the Total Germany GmbH as well as of the subsequent Germany-wide training programs on the following topics: " Introduction of the New Point-of-Sale System and Optimal Retail Business" Since August, 2009
  • On-site training programs for gas stations on the following topics "Avoiding Product Losses, Customer-Orientation, Optimal Retail Business, and Managing Employees"
  • Trainer and Coach at the Foundation Grone-School



  • Individual coaching for entrepreneurs, managers, employees, and individuals with respect to professional and individual development (rhetorical and behavior training, walk & talk, mental coaching, instruction for self-reflection, conflict management) based on "The Urpersönlichkeit"


Other Tasks:

  • Seminar planning as well as administration and budget management (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) for a large petroleum company in the framework of my employment at the Stümpges Consulting GmbH
  • Different activities in the editorial office of AUTO BILD (Axel Springer)
  • Different activities in the editorial office of SPORT BILD (Axel Springer)
  • Project coordiantion at the Foundation Grone-School



  • The Urpersönlichkeit
  • Concept development
  • Administration
  • Recruitment
  • Customer Orientation
  • Training
  • Consulting
  • Coaching

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